Digital Platforms in the Manufacturing Industries

Current situation

There is currently no clear, consistent understanding of terms such as digital platform, platform economy, platform business models or IoT platform. In end-user-related application areas (B2C), so-called “platforms” are the basis for successful applications, new business models and disruption.

Problem statement

To what extent, however, strategies, concepts and solutions can be transferred from the B2C sector to the B2B sector must be fundamentally questioned. B2C platform applications are strongly characterized by many one-off transactions that are brokered via platforms, while business relationships in B2B are more characterized by “long-lasting” rather than “ad hoc” relationships.

Solution approach

The objective is a systematic search and delineation of relevant terminology mentioned in the context of digital platforms, and a precise definition of the different types of platforms and the corresponding scope und demarcation. On this basis, the added value of platforms in the B2B area in form of a value proposition is to be worked out and explained based on successful platform solutions observable in the market.