Next Generation Power Electronics and Manufacturing

Future of Power-Electronics - Cause-and-Effect Chain

Power-electronics of today is strongly affected by three fundamental trends:

  • Worldwide electrification and automation
  • Reduction of energy consumption and CO2-Emission
  • Miniaturization by high degree integration

This leads to severe demands on power-electronics with regards to improved reliability, increased efficiency, additional functionalities associated with an increase in power density and challenges for the thermal management. Power-modules are the core of power-electronic devices like an inverter for motor/drive applications or for power converters.

Future packaging and assembly technologies of power-modules have to fulfill the increased requirements like improved power- and temperature cycling stability, low inductive interconnects and improved temperature stability. In the end this has clearly consequences for the right technology and manufacturing approaches. So future development work will focus on topics like improved CTE-adaption, copper as preferred material instead of aluminum, interconnects without bondwires, the application of Wide-Bandgap-Semiconductors, thermal management, high-temperature materials for packaging and assembly and new functionalities like condition monitoring