CKI-Conference 2020

Session Recordings

The CKI at FAU thanks all participants in the Siemens & FAU CKI Conference on October 15th and 16th, 2020 for making the first hybrid FAU CKI Conference a great success.

Within the theme „Digital Disruption – Impact on Knowledge Interchange“ we had exciting presentations and discussions, with e.g. Roland Busch, Joachim Hornegger, Benno Blumoser, Katharina Breininger, Michaela Schütt, Freimut Bodendorf and many, many more.

For all that were not able to join the livestream, please find the record of the sessions below:


Welcome by Monika Jones


„Knowledge Management in Organsations“ by Prof. Freimut Bodendorf (FAU)


„Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources“ by Dr. Michaela Schütt (Siemens)


„Startup Presentation: MatchManao GmbH“ by Urs Merkel (MatchManao GmbH)



Introduction by Monika Jones


Welcome from ZOLLHOF by Benjamin Bauer (ZOLLHOF)


MeetUp with Dr. Roland Busch (Siemens) and Prof. Joachim Hornegger (FAU)


Keynote „Biases and shortcuts – towards more robust machine learning“ by Katharina Breininger (FAU)


Keynote „Exploring AI opportunities @Siemens – why purpose centricity makes the difference“ by Benno Blumoser (Siemens)



Startup Pitches – EDITIVE, oculai, INVRTUAL


PhD-Talk with Elisabeth Hoppe (FAU) and Benjamin Lutz (Siemens)


Future Talk with Dr. Roland Busch (Siemens), Prof. Joachim Hornegger (FAU), Prof. Björn Eskofier (FAU) and Vivien Dollinger (ObjectBox Ltd.)