CKI – Conference 2018

On July 27 2018 the second CKI-Conference at FAU took place. Around 100 participants had followed the invitation of the Center of Knowledge Interchange to share ideas and deepen the partnership between FAU and Siemens AG.

Welcome addresses were given by Prof. Joachim Hornegger, President of FAU as well as by Dr. Roland Busch, CTO of Siemens AG who both highlighted the importance of the strategic partnership and mutual benefit between FAU and Siemens AG.

Prof. Martin März from Fraunhofer IISB gave insights on current and future trends in power electronics research. Dr. Mykhaylo Filipenko from Siemens eAir fascinated the audience with his talk on high power density electrical drives for electric aircraft and their potential for future mobility. Prof. Möslein opened the second focus topic of the day with her keynote speech on open innovation strategies. A special item on the agenda then was the TAPAS Community Challenge, centered around a special piece of power electronics designed by Siemens. Dr. Buchstaller talked about the technical concept and introduced the community challenge as a way to get in touch with the open source and maker community (Read more on the TAPAS Community Challenge here). Five european teams pitched their ideas and demonstrated their prototypes during lunch break.

A diverse afternoon program included a TAPAS Community user meeting aswell as a workshop powered by Zollhof tech incubator Nürnberg.