CKI Conference 2019

The Industrial Internet of Things

At the 2019 annual CKI Conference at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg experts, both from Siemens and FAU, gave some insights on the topic of IIoT. After the welcome address by Prof. Dr. Möslein (Vice Presitent FAU), Siemens CTO Dr. Roland Busch gave the first keynote of the day on Siemens IoT @scale. Prof. Dr. Björn Eskofier highlighted some trends in machine learning and possible applications for Siemens projects. Dr. Thomas Scheiter (Head of Technology Field IoT at Siemens) talked about the Digitalizazion strategy from a technology point of view. Another FAU talk, given by Florian Faltus from the Institute for Factory Automization and Production Systems (FAPS) gave some examples on how integrated engineering can be taught to FAU students in laboratory courses.

In addition to the keynotes, the conference participants had the possibility at a small fair to get information on Zollhof with their StartUp Smart City System, the Siemens Maker Space, Mindsphere, Future Ing, Digital Tech Academy (FAU), Gründerbüro (FAU), Siemens Corporate Technology and the FAPS (FAU).